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(Image) Thomas Sabo, charm up your life. Two young, women pressing hands against each other, smiling while wearing Thomas Sabo bracelets.

Thomas Sabo Charm Club

New collection highlights include

  • “The Big 5” charm combining the most imposing animals in Africa.
  • A dreamcatcher charm with a heart captures love.
  • The “I love you to the moon and back” moon pendant reflects the soul.
  • The romper suit charm in pink or blue shows that great happiness sometimes comes in very small packages.
  • The bee charm as a sun dancer is said to convey happiness and joy, and
  • The aeroplane charm with palm tree and sun awakens the desire to fly to sunny climes.

The collection also includes many other motifs to be discovered with 42 new charms added, together with the six, new colourful bracelets on which up to three charms can be combined, the fun-loving Charm Club look of the season is perfect!