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Stow Lockets

Stow Lockets is a new luxurious jewellery brand now available on the NZ and Australian market. Inspired by chic soho edge, a Stow Locket is an exquisite locket finely hand crafted from either solid gold or sterling silver, and features a gorgeous crystal glass face. Make your own beautiful statement about who you are.

Fill your locket with a collection of solid gold, rose gold, sterling silver, or gemstone charms that adds to the story of your life. A lotus for enlightenment, golden hamsa for protection or your birthstone to attract the energies you need. The locket has returned, with celebs like Alexa Chung, and Johnny Depp rocking floating lockets.

This season, Stow has expanded its collection to include a range of stackable rings and studs to accessorise your look. Capture your unique style with Stow Lockets.