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Dora Mens Rings. Wedding rings for him. He'll know which ring he likes.

Dora Mens Rings

The Dora brand is synonymous with luxury and quality, and their ethic is a simple one: Create a beautiful piece of jewellery with the finest of materials that the wearer will love forever. A wedding ring should be for a life-time and like your marriage; it should be unique and long-lasting. Dora makes wedding rings with this in mind. Not only are they beautiful and timeless in style, they represent all that is good and dependable about your partnership.

Dora wedding rings have set the international benchmark in the design and manufacture of superior men’s rings, and over the past decade have transformed the men’s wedding ring market in Australia with their approach to creative design, quality and service. Each Dora ring is made using a mixture of craftsmanship and state of the art CAD (computer aided design) engineering with every ring produced from a seam-less tubing of precious metal which produces a stronger ring. Dora’s service is second to none and their popular Ring Replacement Policy is why it’s difficult to find a chink in their armour. Dora is the only company in Australia that offers their customers the opportunity to replace their ring in the event that the ring no longer fits. So, whether your ring becomes too loose or too tight, take it back to the place of purchase with your Dora warranty and receive a brand new ring free of charge in the size you require(conditions apply).

With the ever increasing volume of copies and reproductions circulating around the jewellery market, Dora stands alone as a manufacturer breaking new ground in design and value while remaining true to their ideals. With every Dora ring comes a warranty card that protects your ring against manufacturing defects for as long as you own the ring. So make sure you have a Dora hallmark engraved on the inside of your ring, it’s your guarantee for a lifetime.