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Broken Bay Pearls

Originally famous as the host to the Japanese cultured pearl, the Akoya oyster is native to the east coast of Australia. It is only natural these pristine waters produce a more radiant pearl than found anywhere else in the world. Unlike the pearls of Asia, the Broken Bay Akoya pearls are not bleached or artificially coloured. They are naturally lustrous and uniquely pure.

An Akoya cultured pearl is produced by a pearl oyster and by the normal processes of pearl growth. The only difference between a natural pearl and the cultivated variety is that a nucleus has been placed into the oyster to enable the pearl to have a good start. It ensures a larger and more evenly shaped pearl is produced. Pearls that were taken from the water in ancient times were natural. Today naturally occurring pearls are extremely rare.

Akoya cultured pearls from Broken Bay are special because they can be found in a wide variety of natural colours that range from classic white and silver over more unconventional colours like yellow, orange, pink and blue. The pearls are allowed to grow for 18 months before they are harvested, which is above average for most Akoya farms..